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Hi, I'm Jenn Cino

I created my 1:1 functional health program based on all the guidance and support I desperately needed 10 years ago.

After dealing with severe and chronic gut issues, hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, skin issues and hair loss, I turned to functional health to find the answers my doctor never could.

Now I've helped over 1000 women and men find solutions to their gut issues, low energy, hormone imbalances, and skin woes in my comprehensive 1:1 program using functional lab testing, targeted protocols, nutritional therapy, and functional fitness.

When your "labs are normal" and you feel anything but -
or the workouts and clean eating don't work like they used to,

it's time to work with your body instead of fighting against it.

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Would you believe us if we told you that we have never received a lab that came back "normal"? That's because when you're digging deep enough into science and data, you find that your symptoms actually aren't all in your head (imagine that)

We take a root-cause approach to your physical and mental imbalances to ensure that you're no longer on a hamster wheel of trial and error and know exactly what your body and mind need to finally thrive.

We offer root-cause solutions for...

gut dysfunction

hormone health

skin issues

weight loss & metabolic health

1. You will be paired with a Practitioner based on best fit and expertise.

2. Your Practitioner will assess your goals, history, and symptoms and will create a roadmap, completely personalized to you and your lifestyle after meeting with you for your initial assessment. 

Match with Your Care Team

3. Your lab kits are sent directly to your house and after collecting your samples, you will send them back to the lab afterwards.

4. Your Practitioner will review the results with you and will curate a supplement protocol that will complement your lifestyle roadmap.

Root-Cause &
Data-Driven Functional Labs

With your Practitioner beside you every step of the way, you will soon be able to experience the radical changes to your health that can happen when you have a tailored approach and break free of the one-size-fits-all model you've been stuck in. Mixing education & empowerment with implementation is our secret sauce to ensuring you learn how to care for your body, mind, and soul and reconnect with the person you know you're capable of becoming.

Implement Your Program &
Let the Transformation Begin

How It Works

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Meet The Team

Jenn Cino - Founder

Taylor Pleša - Head Practitioner

Nikki Dime - Practitioner

Ali Gray - Practitioner

Alyssa Wulfert - Practitioner

Chelsea Lyons - Practitioner

Jenn Cino

Jenn (B.Sc, FDN-P, CPT) took her plethora of experience and passion for functional health and fitness and created the fit + functional program after years of research and application, both personally and professionally. Watching her parents deal with multiple autoimmune diseases triggered by environment and lifestyle from a very young age, she recognized the profound impact of poor health on mental health, relationships and family life, finances and career, and beyond.

In her early 20s, despite being a dedicated gym-goer and "clean eater", Jenn began dealing with her own issues that started to mimic the downward spiral of health that she watched her parents experience. After a diagnosis of fatty liver disease, hypothyroid, Hashimotos, severe digestive dysfunction, ovarian cysts, and high-grade cervical dysplasia by the age of 24, Jenn became relentless in her pursuit to changing the narrative of her health and the health of future generations. Feeling failed by the medical system, Jenn has invested thousands of dollars and hours into her own healing and is honoured to show other women how to change the trajectory of their own lives and the lives of their families.

After Taylor's (CHN, CPT, RCPC) mother suddenly passed away in 2013, she experienced the physical and mental repercussions of the trauma that followed. Taylor leaned on exercise to cope with her heartbreak and participated in bodybuilding competitions. However, this led to a poor relationship with food and her body and Taylor began experiencing depression and anxiety.

After the birth of her second child in 2021, Taylor experienced extreme postpartum depression, anxiety, and rage. In a very dark time in her life, functional medicine took Taylor out of her nightmare and she began to heal for herself and for her family. Now, a thriving mother, wife, and Head Practitioner at fit + functional, Taylor is known and loved by her clients for her empathetic and nurturing character, backed by years of coaching experience in this field.

Taylor Plesa

Nikki (B.Sc, RN, FDN) is a Registered Nurse of 10 years who has worked in psychiatry, emergency services, and neonatal intensive care. Nikki started practicing aesthetic/dermatological medicine in 2017 and became very interested in skin conditions and skin care. 

Nikki struggled with irregular periods since puberty and was placed on birth control for a decade which caused extreme mood disturbances. When coming off HBC, she lost her period for 2 years with no irregular labs to explain this. In 2016, Nikki suddenly became intolerant to all meat and began having crippling GI discomfort after eating. After multiple gastroenterologists and years of suffering with no answers she was brought to functional medicine. Nikki finally began taking control of her health and hormones and after a short time, hormonal balance was achieved and her gut issues began to subside. Her medical knowledge, passion for her patients, and investment in their health success is what makes her an incredible practitioner.

Nikki Dime

Ali (FDN-P, BSN) began her career as a cardiac device nurse but discovered her true passion was outside of the hospital walls in the holistic wellness space. After being misdiagnosed with PCOS and infertility, she took a deep dive into her own health and started peeling back layers from years and years of misinformation and lack of guidance. After becoming a mom to her two little girls, she pursued functional health testing to further get to the root cause of her concerns - this is when she discovered Jenn Cino and personally enrolled in the fit+functional program. Coupling her passion with the impact the program has had on her, Ali transitioned to become an FDN-P and bless this incredible experience forward. She is beyond excited and super committed to helping her clients achieve healing from the inside out. 

Ali Gray

Alyssa (FDN-P, B.Sc) expanded her enthusiasm for wellness by embarking on a journey through graduate-level classes in nutrition, botanical medicine and naturopathic courses, but soon found that becoming an ND wasn't in complete alignment with her vision of how she'd like to support women on their healing journey. With her heart set on functional health, she instead chose to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, with a focus and passion for holistic skincare, gut health, fertility, and more. She also has extensive experience working with pregnant moms as a birth doula. Now, she eagerly looks forward to collaborating with fit+functional clients on their wellness journeys! She resides in San Diego and is passionate about the outdoors, fitness, new food experiences and adventuring with her pup, Vanilla. 

Alyssa Wulfert

Hi, I'm Chelsea! I’m an FDN-P and I also have a Bachelors degree in Health Science and Addictions Counselling.

I worked for many years with child services but after having kids, I needed to close that chapter for my mental health and do something that aligned with my passion for holistic health and nutrition!

My husband and I own a Chiropractic clinic and we have 4 kids: Dior (12), Ivory (10), Coco (7), Arrow (4), and two moody Persian cats!

I got into this field because I was diagnosed with a pulmonary condition and have made it my life mission to heal myself and others! On my days off, you can find me running, cooking, and finding my next travel destination ;)

Chelsea Lyons

Spots open September 2024

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2x 30 minute calls with your Practitioner

Unlimited messaging support within the
fit+ functional app

Custom fitness program & nutrition coaching

HTMA test included
GI Map paid separately to lab ($360)

Recorded lab interpretations

Custom supplement, diet, and lifestyle protocols

Our signature programs to nourish body, mind, and soul through functional health & fitness.


Renew Your Energy

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis testing

Recorded lab results & interpretation

Custom supplement, diet, and lifestyle protocol

10 weeks of workouts (home or gym)

10 weekly live coaching calls

Nutrition habit building and lifestyle guidance

Unlimited group messaging with our team

Renew Your Energy course focused on education around minerals and the metabolism

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24 week access
Pay in full: $3297
Payment plan: 6 payments of $597

Increase energy & kickstart your metabolism in this 10 week interactive group program focusing on mineral balancing, food, and fitness

For those looking for extensive, hands-on and priority support in their journey toward a healthy gut, balanced hormones, and clear skin in our 6 month 1:1 functional coaching program

See what all the hype is about.

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"In love with how I'm feeling & can't thank you enough!!!

I don't own a scale so I have no idea about numbers but those don't matter to me anyway. I feel better than I have in a long time (possibly ever?). I'm at peace physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Trusting the process and myself. I got this! Thank you again for everything."

"I've obviously seen great improvements in my body,

but what I'm most excited about is the change I've seen in my mentality. I feel so much happier and positive, and I'm able to do so much more with my time... I was hesitant when I signed up for f+f because of money but honestly you can't put a price on health and happiness, it is worth way more than you charge."

"Thank you just
isn't enough.

You quite literally are changing my life and that of my family's as I make better choices for myself and my body through education and self advocacy"

"My wins through this program have been lifechanging.

I have symptom free periods, 28 day cycles. I don't feel bloated, I have energy, I don't crave sweets. It's crazy to me! I have also lost 10lbs which I was not expecting at all. We've changed our family's lifestyle. I am just so, so grateful for you, Jenn, and this program."

Unfortunately we do not right now, however some clients have had success paying for their GI Map with their HSA/FSA, but that will be dependent on your insurance provider, not us. You can go to https://advancecarecard.com to apply for interest free payment plans.


No! We have access to functional lab testing and supplements in over 80 countries across North and South America, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. If you want to double check for your country, please contact us using the form below.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have an alumni program that includes re-testing and access to additional labs, such as the DUTCH hormone test. If you feel like you need/want continued support, we've got you covered!

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THe program ends?

If you have had a GI Map (Diagnostic Solutions only), an HTMA (Analytical Research or Trace Elements only), bloodwork, or a Dutch test done in the last 60 days (and have not yet started a protocol), we can use them.


Yes, you can. However, with full transparency, the fit + functional team of practitioners recommend incorporating high quality animal products for the majority of people. We will educate you on your options from an unbiased perspective, but the decision in how you eat is yours and yours alone.


is this program open to women only?

No! We work with and have worked with dozens of men and children and love being able to support them through their health and fitness journeys.


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We aim to respond within 48-72 business hours